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A mulher da minha vida

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Estilo, elegância, faschionistas... ganhas a todas.

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10 overlooked novels: how many have you read?


8. The Book of Disquiet, Fernando Pessoa, 1991

The Book of Disquiet
Pessoa, a minor figure in the minor Lisbon literary world, kept body and soul together during his lifetime by office servitude. It was not a long lifetime. He died in 1935, aged 47, of cirrhosis. He was a "discreet alcoholic" – a discreet everything, in fact. In his remains was found a large trunk stuffed with 25,000 sheets of manuscript. The sheets were jigsawed together – rather like the Dead Sea scrolls – by a troupe of Pessoan disciples, who delivered it to the world half a century after the author's death. There is no plot, merely a thematically arranged series of world-weary aperçus and epigrams, of the deepest Portuguese gloom and existential perplexity – eg "Who will save me from existence? It isn't death I want, or life, it's the other thing." The other thing? Answers, please, to a clerk mournfully drinking himself to death in Lisbon.
Keynote line: "All I ever asked of life was that it should pass me by without my even noticing it."

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